Natália Dévényi
permanent makeup and hair tattooer, professional makeup artist
- The introducer of Japanese style eyebrow tattooing and the pioneer of hair tattooing in Hungary -

+36 (30) 3714-700 natalia.devenyi in Hungarian slovenský

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Welcome to the wonderful world of permanent makeup tattoos, in my world!

If you are willing to work as a permanent makeup tattooer, and you are searching for the training that makes you a world-class, acclaimed state-of-the-art tattooer, then you are in the right place! And also if you have already been a permanent makeup tattooer, but you would like to develop yourself, push off the ’the old Hungarian school method’ and join forces with the standards that the leading permanent makeup tattoo professionals represent in the international cutting edge.

There are only a few numbers of dedicated experts in the field of permanent makeup tattooing around the world who feel the professional calling and perform their profession with the highest acknowledgement and distinguished humility. Therefore we do not only tattoo for living or it does not only means work for us, but our hobby, our art and our life, too! We cannot imagine a day, when we tattoo nothing, without thinking of who, what and how to tattoo next time. Without continuous development we could not stand in front of ourselves and our mind, our soul would be dying, if we did not create something new and more beautiful every day.

We spare no effort to work on finding long lasting solutions, which facilitate our customers’ everyday lives, beautify them and increase their self-esteem.

This all might be also your dream job, if you get on well with people, if you have good empathic skills and accurate manual skill, if you are well-groomed, submissive and enduring. Come with me on this adventure, and belong to those extraordinarily glad people, who are so lucky that they are able to do all day long what they love the most, and to crown it all, they are paid in full measure!

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We condemn the use of Photoshop

Together with the world's leading permanent makeup tattooers we deeply condemn and make an outcast of them who are applying Photoshop! This kind of cheating and disregarding of the guests is the highest level of disrespect against them. It is just like merchants advertise themselves with false merchandises. Not to mention those who promote themselves with stolen images! Therefore wherever you meet my photos, they are original, all of them are made by me and represent my own works. They have never been manipulated and and I do not even use filters! Immediately afterwards permanent makeup tattooing customers look like on the photos, and yes, maybe they do not have porcelain skin and flaws can be appear on their faces but this is reality and I always show you that!

New digital makeup tattoo machine

After many years of searching, I have finally found a permanent makeup tattoo machine which operates completely in the same way as the large and wellknown global brands but only for the fraction of their prices! Nowadays this beauty is manufactured just for me, with its own logo, according to my conseptions for modifications. Come and try it for free before you make a decision!


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